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Hey, you guys and gals I'm back with another blog about a new book. I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Recently, I  chose to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain a humorous fiction or as Twain calls it, "Satire".

The book is about a boy named Huck Finn, who lives in Missouri with a widow named Ms. Watson and her sister because his deadbeat dad left town. Later readers learn that word gets out about Huck's fortune (p.s. you should read Tom Sawyer first) and Huck's Dad returns to inherit his son's money. But, smart Huck signs over all his money to Judge Thatcher just in time: Huck's dad shows up and demands the money then kidnaps Huck and takes him off to live in an old and filthy cabin down by the river.

 In order to escape the wrath of his alcoholic father, Huck, like every other kid would do, fakes his own death and hides out on a nearby island, where he meets another runaway, a slave by the name of Jim, who's hiding out to avoid being sold down South and separated from his family. The two decide to team up  and head north where Huck can find freedom from his father and Jim freedom from slavery.

There is an obvious issue within the story, which is racism. During the time of the story, whites were superior to blacks and even considered less than human. Many blacks were owned by white men and viewed as property. Which is why I chose to focus on this specific quote:
"Well, I RECKON! There's two hunderd dollars reward on him. It's like picking up money out'n the road." (31.13)

Jim, who is a runaway slave is viewed by Huck as money (reward) instead of a person. Basically, Huck has to decide between money and 'his friend' and unlike the social norms of society Huck chooses to ignore them and go with his own beliefs.

In conclusion, we must all deal with things in life that may fall outside of the social norms, but we must be strong enough to go against the grain and do what is morally right. In Huck's case, he decided to defy the social stigma of racism, by no longer accepting it because it became more important for him to do what felt right, versus what society expected him to do.


  1. I really liked the first sentence of the last paragraph, because it's very true to how people should go through life, but we don't always think that way. We see and experience things that go against what is 'normal' everyday, but people aren't always strong enough to go against what is normal, even if it is what is right.

  2. The historical context you included in your entry was very helpful to understand the time period. Though I am aware of how the book is viewed in society today I find that Huck FInn is sometimes seen as a children's book (I literally got it for Christmas when I was 8) because it's easy to dismiss what was actually happening at the time and why the author Mark Twain would of written about race in such a way. When I read the book as a child I never considered how Huck Finn was breaking social norms with his actions and I never thought about it until reading your entry today actually.


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